• Education: Graduated from U of A in 1962. Degree in Elementary Education.
  • Career: Taught school in Tucson. LaHabra, and Lafayette California.
  • My husband and I have owned our own business since 1977.
  • Family: My husband Bill and I will celebrate our 46th anniversary in May. One daughter Erin lives in Atlanta with husband and our only granddaughter precious Emily, age ll.
  • Hobbies/Activities: Tennis, antique cars, civic organizations, travel, reading, sewing.
  • Email:


  • I graduated the U of A with a Degree in Architecture in 66 and a Masters in Urban Planning in 73 after a stint of active duty in the Army Reserve driving tanks and successfully guarding our gold reserves.
  • In graduate school I met and married Nancy Butler of Santa Ana.  I moved to California to eventually become the Senior Planner with William Pierera Associates in Corona Del Mar working on the Irvine and Moulton Ranch Master Plans and a future Concept Plan for Houston Center.
  • This tenure led to the formation of Urban Research Design Development Corporation in Santa Ana for the design, building and development of a diverse number of projects in Orange County.  After designing and building a home in the Tustin Hills our 17 year marriage dissolved lovingly sharing a recently married daughter in 06, Kieran.
  •  With a move to the Coachella Valley I met and married Jane Christensen from Shenandoah, Iowa, a farmer’s daughter some 17 years ago.   We continuously remodel our old Ranch home and embrace a refuge of what Tucson used to be.  Licensed in California and Arizona I still provide Architecture and Structural Engineering services as time and interest dictate while adding garage space to enjoy the cars of our era.
  •  I continue to serve on the Thousand Palms Community Council, Riverside County 4th District Supervisors Public Safety Commission and the Riverside County Library Board Advisory Committee in various capacities while maintaining membership in the National Rifle Association, Soaring Society of America, International Conference of Building Officials and the Sports Car Club of America.  I keep thinking I’m retired but like the adage “Architects sometime forget where to draw the line.”
  • Email:


  • After Catalina High School, I graduated from the College of Business at the University of Arizona. I worked for the Ashton Company for 13 years prior to founding Diversified Design & Construction, Inc. in 1976. Diversified is a General Contracting firm concentrating on the construction of commercial buildings. In 2003, I became the Chairman of both Diversified and Ashton Company. I continue to serve in that capacity today.
  • Debbie and I have three children. They are Leisa, Ryan and Loren Louise. We enjoy our two grandchildren.
  • Sports and hobbies include: Private airplane pilot, Boating, Snow skiing, Automobiles, High handicap golf, still building roads, buildings and Hot Rods.
  • I am currently or have previously been involved with the following organizations:Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce – Past President, University of Arizona Foundation Board, Sigma Nu Fraternity – Housing Corporation Board, Active 20 – 30 Club of Tucson – Past President, Junior Achievement Board – Past President, Tucson Conquistadores – Past Golf Tournament Chairman, Davis Monthan 50 Tucson Airport Authority – Past President, Associated General Contractors – Past State President, Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year – 2002


  • Education – Attended Liberal Arts College and College of Education at UofA for 3-years with focus on history.
  • Military – Joined the US Army in 1962 and served in a variety of positions (mostly intelligence assignments) both in the United States and overseas to include Germany, Korea, and Vietnam - honored with several awards to include the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, and a host of meritorious medals and commendations. Retired in 1989 as a Sergeant Major after serving over 27 years.
  • Civilian Employment – Worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington DC in a variety of challenging assignments to include protocol officer and tour director for dignitaries such as the Vice President, Director of Central Intelligence, and other high-ranking VIPs - retired in 2004 upon completion of 15 years with the organization.
  • Family – Married to the former Shirley Emerson of Toledo , Ohio .
  • Hobbies – Enjoy reading, yard work, and trout fishing. My wife and I enjoy (very much) traveling to distant lands. In October 2007 we toured much of Southeast Asia and China . In November of 2008 we will be visiting the "Holy Lands."
  • Email:


  • Education: B.S. in Math-Physics from the U of A in 1962
  • Military: USAF from 1962-1965. Primary duty station, Rome --- New York (What a let down.)
  • Career: Patent examiner with the US Patent & Trademark Office from 1966 until retirement in 1996. The majority of my career was spent in Arlington , Virginia , working in a room without windows staring at a computer screen. After retirement, I have continued to live in Arlington .
  • Family: Married Sylvia Hoffman in 1969, no children, divorced in 1978.  Sylvia and I are again soul mates and traveling companions.
  • Hobbies: Undoubtedly related to working in a room without windows, I like to get out and travel. With Elderhostel, I finally made it to the real Rome , Italy . With Earthwatch, using a trowel and toothbrush, I have dug up Roman forts along Hadrian’s Wall in England and along the Danube in Romania . Also with Earthwatch, this time using dental picks, I have dug up dinosaurs in Montana . One of these dinosaurs, Peck’s Rex, is on display at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore . Locally, I like to travel to all the Civil War battlefields in the area from Gettysburg to Petersburg and Appomattox . Since retirement, I volunteer at the Smithsonian Institution for the Global Volcanism Program. While this sounds outdoorsy, I am again back in a room without windows, staring at a computer screen. I will travel even more!
  • Misc: I am amazed that, in a sense, I never left CHS. Mr. Futrell and D.T. Smith started me on my career with math and physics. Miss Butts and Miss Odom and Latin introduced me to Rome , the focus of much of my travel. Mr. Duffin and the Civil War are synonymous.
  • Email:


  • The primary work of my career was computer programming, which brought me lots of satisfaction. Prior to that, I attended U of A for a while, majoring in Journalism, went into the Air Force Reserve, where I got electronics training, and was an electronics technician in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • I got into programming in 1969. It was a great opportunity, when the field was just getting started, and I did it for 30 years. I was involved with many interesting projects, for various companies in the Bay Area, first as an employee, and later as an independent consultant. From 1990-92, I was a partner in a training business, in which I developed and taught classes to programmers.
  • I moved back to Tucson in 2002, and now I do volunteer work for lots of organizations, including a ragtime music festival, several ecology groups, and my neighborhood association.
  • Hobbies include hiking, swimming, vegetable gardening, and trying to re-learn the piano.
  • Memories from Catalina: Senior Spectacular, working on the Trumpeteer.
  • Email:    phone: 520 325-6280



  • I graduated January 1958, a mid-term senior, and immediately enrolled at the U of A, but 3 months later was in the hospital being tested for Hodgkins Disease and Mono. The Lord touched me and when the biopsy came back it was negative, they did not know what it was, only that it was leaving. PTL!
  • June 1, 1958 I married my high school sweetheart, James A. Laubscher. (THS 1956) after dating for 2 1/2 yrs. Jim was at the U of A and finished both his B.S. in Agriculture and M.S. in Agricultural Chemistry.
  • We had 4 children, Laura, Robert, Daniel and Elizabeth, the first born July 28, 1959 and the last Dec. 4, 1963. YES! It was a busy time, but we loved it. I took several night classes at the U of A., and after moving to CA. at Moorpark College and Life Bible College. I began working when our oldest married and our youngest was 16. I was an Instructor for Stretch and Sew Fabrics, Manager of The Lord's Storehouse (a Christian bookstore), Secretary for Morning Star Laboratories (our own business) and Secretary of our church in Tehachapi, CA. for 3 years before moving to GA. in 2006.
  • We have traveled all over the U.S., some in Mexico and Canada, Alaska in 2006 (cruise) and just recently to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, our kids surprised us with a cruise on NCL to 4 Islands in Hawaii. They sent us in Jan. when the whales were there! Our oldest daughter died in 2000, a tragedy you can only overcome with the Lord. We have 10 grandchildren (5 girls and 5 boys) and 2 great grandchildren. We are so grateful we married young and are still active to do things, both together and with family & friends. I love to sew, quilt and enjoy my Quilt Guild. I was surprised in 2003 to win 1st place in both the State (CA.) and Regional (Southwest Div.) for a quilt I entered in the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, of which I am a member. I love singing with Jim at our church and while in Tehachapi we were in several plays that our church gave for the community. I am an avid reader, mostly history of the CW and historical fiction.Our oldest son Bob is Pres. and CEO of American Tombow in Atlanta, our son Dan is a CA Highway Patrol Officer (CHP), and our youngest daughter, Elizabeth is an Interior Decorator working with her husband that designs and builds houses in Malibu and Maui. One of the houses he built is featured on the TV series, The Bachelor. I think fondly of high school days and the great friends I made there and am grateful for these reunions to see & renew friendships. I miss my friends Serena Hayden and Janet Jaxel. We were friends as children until their deaths


  • Education:  Graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in 1962, and went to Boston for graduate studies.  I earned an M.A. in African Studies from Boston University in 1963, and a Ph.D. in 1969 in a multi-disciplinary program offered by Boston, Harvard, and MIT universities. 
  • Career:  Assistant Professor at Mt. St Mary's College, Cal State University, and then UCLA, all in Los Angeles (1966-1972).  In 1972, I moved to Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey, where I remain a Professor of Political Science.  During my years at Rutgers, I also served as Assistant Dean of Rutgers College, Associate Provost of the Newark Campus, Dean of the Graduate School in New Brunswick, and finally Provost in New Brunswick. 
  • Family:  I am married to Dr. Irwin Pollack, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurology at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Rutgers).  We have three sons. 
  • Hobbies:  I hope to become a serious senior tennis player !
  • Email:


  • Education: Batchelor of Arts in Education with minors in history and English from the University of Arizona in 1962.
  • Career: Taught at Booth School in Tucson, Henry C. Lea Elementary in Philadelphia, Westridge and Walden schools in Pasadena, California.
  • Family: Married Larry Morrison in 1964. A graduate of U of A and U of Penn, he is an architect, city and campus planner, and urban designer with his own firm, The Arroyo Group. We have three children – daughter Edith (Yosufi) Tyebkhan, daughter Eileen (Robert) O’Leary, son Noel (Kelly) Morrison and 8 grandchildren – 7 boys, 1 girl. The oldest is 6 years old and the youngest arrives in June. We also have close ties to our 4 AFS students and their families.
  • Activities: Several Civic organizations and serve on the board of the League of Women Voters. We enjoy traveling and camping and spending time with friends and family.
  • Email:


  • Education:  I received a B.S. in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering from the U of A in 1962 and a M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the U of A in 1963.  I received a Ph.D. in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology in 1969.

  • Career:  I worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, my entire career.  I have been involved in research in both Fluid Mechanics and Biological Oceanography during my career and have published papers in these fields.  I have also been involved in science management and managed the Oceanography Program at JPL and a NASA data center for satellite observations of the ocean.  I retired from JPL in 2003.

  • Family:  I married Judy Anne Winter (THS-1958) in 1962.  We moved to California following Judy’s graduation with a BS in Pharmacy from the U of A in 1963.  We had two sons, Scott Douglas who is now a Deputy District Attorney with the County of Los Angeles, and Bruce Edward (D. 1984).  We have one Granddaughter, Samantha who enjoys all of our outdoor activities with us.    Click little pic.

  • We live in Altadena , CA with a second home in Mammoth Lakes , CA.

  •  I am currently the President of the Snowcreek Fairway Owners Association, a Homeowner Association in Mammoth Lakes , CA and serve on the Board of the Athenaeum, the Caltech Faculty Club.  Judy retired from the Huntington Hospital in Pasadena , CA after more than 30 years as a Clinical Pharmacist and volunteers her time to a number of organizations, including Polytechnic School where our Granddaughter attends the fourth grade, and Caltech where she serves on the Board for the Caltech Women’s Club and as a docent for the Caltech Architectural Tour Service

  • Hobbies:  We enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing and golf.  We also enjoy music, art, travel, family and good friends.

  • Email: 


  • Born and raised in Tucson, AZ.  Attended schools in Tucson (12 of them) working my way across town to the Binghampton neighborhood.  Presently, reside in Tucson.
  • Oct 1958 Married Bobby Lewallen at which time he went to school (U of A) and I went to work.  We had a daughter in May of 1963 (Dana Jonel) and a son in April 1965 (Robert Troy).  Divorced October 1968, our tenth anniversary.  Stayed close friends until his death in July of 1981.
  • Remarried February 1972 to Art Taylor, a New York City transplant via the Air Force.  Art has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the U of A and was working as a counselor when we married.  He became an engineer for what is now Union Pacific Railroad.
  • 1980 went back to school full-time.  Graduated U of A in 1984 with a degree in English and split minor in Russian history/art history.  Took some time off to visit Russia.
  • Most of my working life has been spent as a medical secretary.  I had my own business, briefly, and have sold one story and one article over the years.  
  • 5  grandchildren, 4 girls, 1 boy, ages 7 to 23.  My daughter's husband is Danish, so we travel to Denmark frequently and his relatives visit us as well.
  • Art is retiring from the RR in February 2006 and we plan to continue traveling, hopefully with extended stays in Europe.  We both love history, writing, and art.


  • Education: I received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the U of A in 1963 and a MBA from the University of Southern California in 1971.
  • Career: Early in my career I held several engineering positions with General Dynamics in San Diego and Honeywell in the Los Angeles area. Upon receiving my MBA I moved into product management at EECO in Santa Ana. I retired from Printronix after 26 years in sales and marketing of bar code printers.
  • Family: During this time I met the love of my life, Susan Sweeney, and we were married in Chicago in 1969. Susan received her Doctorate in Education from USC and served as Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum with San Gabriel Unified SD. We have a daughter Mindy who is a teacher in Escondido, still single, looking for Mr. Right.
  • We live at the beach in the Village area of Carlsbad, California
  • Currently, I am remodeling a rental property, doing web site development for small businesses and co-owner of a real estate staging and organizing business, the R.E.D. team ( Also, we operate several vacation rentals just steps from the ocean in Carlsbad.
  • We are enthusiastic supporters of USC football. Our dog, an Afghan hound from Rescue, is even named after the SC mascot, Traveler. Susan and I are passionate about downhill skiing and we have skied around the world but love Mammoth Mountain the most.
  • Email:


  • After graduating from Catalina High School, I went to the University of Arizona for 4 years of undergraduate work and 1 1/2 years of graduate work in civil engineering.  Then I worked in the Tucson area for Arizona Testing Laboratory and Blanton Cole Architects & Engineers on various projects including foundation design for the expansion of the university football stadium, expansion of the Tucson International Airport and the initial development of Green Valley.  I also purchased investment apartment properties in Tucson and constructed a log cabin on Mt. Lemmon before leaving for California in 1965.

  • There I worked for the Southern Pacific Company as a field engineer on building 80 miles of new railroad from Colton up through the Cajon Pass and across the high desert to Palmdale; then on to the general office in San Francisco as a soils engineer managing the stabilization of Tunnel No. 1 in downtown San Francisco and designing various drainage and landslide stabilization projects throughout the SP system until I was transferred to Houston, Texas in 1970.

  • Also in 1970 I married Violet Wagner originally from Montana, now my wonderful wife for 38 years.  We have three daughters--an accountant, CPA, a civil engineer, PE; and a math teacher who all live in the Houston area.  We have three active grandchildren.

  • Over the years I became registered as a civil engineer in several states.  From Houston for the Southern Pacific I designed soils and drainage projects, managed the chemical vegetation control program for several years, and became the manager of the large construction projects in the Gulf Coast area.  Leaving in 1980 I devoted full time to our income properties, consulting engineering and general contracting businesses.

  • In 1978 I became active in the Train Collectors Association, a group of toy train enthusiasts, becoming president of the Lone Star Division for a number of years and ultimately the national president.  In 2001 we completed building our dream home complete with shops and a train room on our piney woods timber farm in the Willis area 50 miles north of Houston. We enjoy traveling and are not able to join you for the 50th anniversary fun because we will be leaving in a couple days on a long planned family cruise in the Caribbean.


  • Attended the U of A and graduated in 1963 with a degree in Business Administration and a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army.
  • Married Suzanne Wilber, classmates,  June 5th 1961.
  • Stationed in Gelnhausen Germany from 1963 to 1966. Served in Vietnam in 1968.
  • Remained on active duty until 1976 when we moved to Chillicothe, OH. Continued in the Army Reserve until 1984, retiring as a lieutenant colonel.
  • Worked as a salesman for three years before working with Rax Restaurants, Inc as a manager.
  • With two other members of the Army Reserve, we franchised, built, and I managed, two Rax restaurants. In 1993 Rax Restaurants, Inc filed for bankruptcy. We were smart enough to sell the stores before this happened.
  • Worked for the VA until retirement in 2001.
  • We have two sons, Kent and Neil.
  • Phone: 740-772-5142


  • 4 year stint in the U.S. Navy
  • Graduated from Humboldt State with a B.S. in Fisheries, then received an M.S. in Fisheries from the University of Idaho.
  • Retired in 1995 from Idaho Department of Fish and Game after career as Fisheries Manager and Chief of Information and Education.
  • Currently spend most of my time golfing, hunting and restoring cars. Car 1, Car 2. (Way cool ! )
  • In my younger days I did a lot of long-distance bicycle touring.  Now I do a lot of cruising to car shows (shades of Johnny's on Speedway). 
  • I also manufacture and sell restoration parts for vintage autos.
  • My wife, Vicki Tokita and I live in Boise. Life is good! We have three great kids that are scattered to the winds. Expecting our first grand children (twins) in August.
  • William Goodnight, Goodnight & Associates, Inc., 1014 E. Franklin St., Boise, ID, 83712, 208-890-5921
  • Email:


  • U of A grad – ’63 (Finance/Marketing)
  • Air Force – 4 ˝ yrs Captain (lots of places, including Viet Nam )
  • Met my wife & life partner (Ronna), married for 38 yrs
  • Four children, nine grandchildren (located in CA, ID & TX)
  • Work history – Electronic Component Marketing (Mkting Mgr, Dir & CEO/President) for others and own company.
  • Travel – Lots of work related time in the Far East ( Japan , Korea , India , Taiwan , Singapore , Thailand , Philippines , plus Germany )
  • Hobbies/Past times – Golf & Family (my wife has a Bernina dealership & Quilt store & helping her takes up the balance of my time)
  • Residence – Austin , TX
  • Email:


  • Hi Jack, Wow! Good to see that 45 members showed up for the mini-reunion.
  • I was married to David Joe Thatcher in 1958. I had one child by that marriage, Jolene. We divorced.
  • Remarried and have four more children, Albert, Brian, Cathi, and Denise.
  • My first husband, Joe, is deceased.
  • I was born in Eugene and have been living and working here since moving back to Oregon in 1960. I have 10 grandchildren and 4 great grand children.
  • I am looking forward to being at the 50th re-union. For anyone who remembers me I would be glad to answer their emails. Please add my class picture. Thanks.
  • Email:


  • I've lived in China for three years now, four out of the U.S.  Thus, I wasn't able to attend the 50th C.H.S. reunion in April of 2008.
  • Our family moved to Tucson in 1945, my father was the manager at the El Rio C.C.  I think the population of Tucson, was under 50,000 then.
  • I lived at 2807 E. Mabel Street, and I attended Blenman Elementary School.  I have many fond memories of Tucson and Arizona.
  • I started high school at Tucson H.S., 1956-7, before Catalina was finished.  We were the first class to graduate from the facility.  Mr.Gridley wouldn't allow carbonated beverages to be sold and the girls couldn't wear patent leather shoes for fear the boys might see something in them!  I remember Mr. Egbert (the Vice Principal) punishing me for being in the hallway during class.  How things have changed!
  • Worked at KVOA/4, (the local NBC affiliate) to put myself through college.
  • U.S. Army in New York City, after which I worked for ABC Sports, Inc. for eight years.  I worked in Mexico City and Grenoble, France (1968), and Munich (1972) for ABC during the Olympic Games.
  • I was chosen to be an Olympic Torch bearer in Xining, China in June of 2008.  See Bulletin
  • Now, ever onward, my quest is to be the oldest man to summit Mt. Everest.  Current record, 76-years old, just this year (a Nepalese man).
  • In the meantime, I've cycled all over China (20,000KM), and I am in pretty good physical condition for a 68 year old.
  • My website is with over 14,000 images & blog, as I am a professional writer and poet.
  • From: the 龙 :Wednesday, June 25, 2008 6:01 AM,  Haqi ('Hutch') carries the torch for China!


  • Post-Catalina: Joined USAF, and was sent to Defense Language Institute to study/learn Russian language, and was subsequently stationed on the Northern-tip of Hokkaido, Japan, where I monitored Russian air traffic.
  • Education: Upon discharge from USAF, I got married and began college education, getting an AA degree form San Jose City College, and a BS in Industrial Management from San Jose State University.
  • Career: Joined United Airlines as a Management Trainee upon graduation from SJSU, progressed through numerous management assignments, and was named Vice President, North America Sales in 2001 just prior to 9/11. Took early retirement in 2003, and was recruited to become President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Silicon Valley, where I remain.
  • Family: Married LaNell in 1962, and have two grown daughters: Kandace, who lives in Denver, and Kim, who suffers from progressive MS, and lives near us. Additionally, we have raised our grandson, Zak since he was born, and he just turned 18 and is attending San Jose City College (small world!).
  • Misc: Had full hip replacement surgery in January, and am now 99.9% back to normal.
  • Email: 


  • Military: Served three years in U.S. Army. Radar operator for guided missile system. 
  • Family: Married to wife Joanne since 1967. One daughter, one granddaughter. 
  • Education: Completed freshman year at Tempe before entering military. Graduated San Jose State University--B.S. 1970, M.A. 1975. 
  • Career: Worked several jobs while attending college part time. Worked 25 years in Santa Clara County Assessor's Department. Retired 1995. 
  • Hobbies: Do volunteer work at local U.S.O. Active in veterans organizations. Like to play pinochle, read whodunits, and travel within the U.S.A.
  • Residence: 2112 Cherrystone Dr., San Jose, CA  95128-1216
  • Email:


  • Married Larry Dumelie in 1963 (CFL football player)
  • 5 children:
  • Michele born in 1964 (gave me 6 grandchildren)
  • Twins Bobby and Sherrie born in 1966 (each gave me 2 grandchildren)
  • Dougie born in 1967
  • Jimmy born in 1971
  • 10 grandchildren, eldest will be 17 in July, youngest will be 7 in June and still anticipating more.
  • 1963-left Tucson went to Regina, Saskatchewan
  • 1968-moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • 1969-moved to North Vancouver, BC
  • 1972 moved to London, Ontario
  • 1975-moved to Markham, Ontario
  • 1976-moved to Ottawa, Ontario area on a 100 acre farm, raised purebred charolais cattle. Grew corn and hay. I learned to drive a tractor and bale hay, both square bales and round bales, disc, cultivate and harrow the fields.
  • Sold cows in 1997, now just cash crop corn and soybeans. Winter in Florida and Arizona. I am also a cancer survivor for 4 years now.


  • -1958 Entered the University of Arizona on a basketball scholarship, also played Freshman baseball. Member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. Graduated in 1963 with a B.A in Government.
  • -Spent 4 years in ROTC at Arizona, Commissioned as a 2nd Lt. In the U.S. Army Signal Corps 1963.
  • 1963-1965- served with the 999th Signal Company (Support) as a Platoon Leader with tours of duty in Okinawa, Thailand, Taiwan, and Viet Nam. Supported the first regular combat troops deployed to Viet Nam, The 173rd Airborne Brigade in Bien Hoa.
  • Served in the U.S. Army Reserve 4 additional years retiring with rank of Captain.
  • 1965-1967- employed by Chevron Corp. Credit Department in Phoenix, AZ
  • 1967- Married wife, Arlene, whom I had met while she was teaching school for the Dept. of Defense in Okinawa, Japan.
  • 1967-1968-Received a Master’s Degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, AZ.
  • 1968-1976- Employed by Texaco Africa Ltd. in the sales department in the Republic of Cameroon. I was the only expatriate American businessman in the country and with no television and limited radio; it was quite a learning experience. At one time our office had 17 different nationalities working for an American company. My French speaking skills from Thunderbird were put to the test from the first day forward.
  • 1976-1998 reassigned by Texaco to Houston, TX where I held a variety of Management positions within the Sales Accounting Dept. Retired in 1998 with 31 years of service.
  • 1977- Our only child, Erik, was born. He has gone on to earn his Doctorate of Jurisprudence and is living in Renton, WA.
  • Have been able to attend 3 Reunions and each one gets better, It is always a blast renewing old friendships, and I look forward to many more.
  •, 1810 Breezin Ct., The Woodlands, TX 77380-4303, Tel- (281) 367-1315


  • Education: University of Arizona, BS in Business Administration, 1962.
  • Military: USAF, 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, George AFB, Victorville, CA. 1962-1965.
  • Career: Worked in various industries from 1966 to 1976. In 1976 established a home health agency in St. Louis, MO. Sold the agency in 1999 and retired. In 2004 re- purchased the agency and found a new hobby.
  • Family: Married Jeanie Hais of St. Louis in 1968, fast approaching 40 years of bliss. One son who resides in New York after 12 years of living abroad [Malaysia and UK.]
  • Hobbies: Work, travel, seeing the world, and enjoying life to the fullest.

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